As a company specialised in surface coating we have to deal with the individual functional aspects of products as well as to achieve harmonisation of these in accordance with the customer’s requirements..

Therefore FMB is offering a set of workshops, imparting cross-funtional knowledge in order to facilitate an optimal product design and to bring the best solutions in respect of the specification from the individual domains into the product.

FMB provides tailored workshops for your various departments (Research & Development, Design, Production, Distribution, Suppliers, etc.) which give you detailed information according to your individual tasks. The nature and extent of the workshops will be determined during a briefing.


  • technical evolution
  • general electroplating
  • design suitable for the galvanising process
  • functions of surface coatings and layer combinations
  • quality aspects
  • logistics taking special requirements for electroplating subcontracting into account

Precious-metal prices

+++10.08.2016: Gold Verkaufspreis verarb.: 40,81 +++ €/g +++ Silber Verkaufspreis verarb.: 613,87 €/kg +++ +++ +++ +++