We process more than 10,000 different products for all types of electronic contacts:


Miniaturization and increased quality requirements have shown that selective plating of loose parts in barrels and production methods specifically tailored to the customer supply the best possible results.

The unique selective coating of loose parts developed by FMB, and its further development, is functionally, economically and ecologically a sensible and better alternative to a lot of application areas.


Coating of stamped and turned parts

produktion 01 produktion 02


Selective coating of stamped and turned parts (loose parts)

produktion 03 produktion 04


High-frequency parts

produktion 05 produktion 06

Precious-metal prices

+++10.08.2016: Gold Verkaufspreis verarb.: 40,81 +++ €/g +++ Silber Verkaufspreis verarb.: 613,87 €/kg +++ +++ +++ +++


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