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Cost reduction for our customers

Because of the dynamics of the markets and the further development of the technology for selective plating, we examined in detail the market for precious metal coating. This analysis brought a comprehensive reorientation of our sale of precious metal.

Since autumn 2012 we have been able to offer gold and silver at a more favourable price. The normal method of invoicing precious metals up to now was to add 5% to the price according to London Fixing. As a result, savings arise of approx. 5-6% for gold and 10-12% for silver. We are happy to pass on this benefit to our customers. Please note in this respect the daily rates in our
"FMB Live Ticker".

See here the current savings:

Precious metal  
transfer price
transfer price

price advantage

Au 32.77€/g 30.72€/g 6.25%
Ag 0.56€/g 0.50€/g 10.71%

Precious-metal prices

+++10.08.2016: Gold Verkaufspreis verarb.: 40,81 +++ €/g +++ Silber Verkaufspreis verarb.: 613,87 €/kg +++ +++ +++ +++

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